Nostalgia - a yearning for the past, often in idealized form. For Pearsons View it includes the poignant memories of our past, especially the "good old days". The thinking about generations gone by, the horses lost before their time, and the recasting of them in an idyllic light. A sudden image, or a memory of something from one's childhood, wonderful photographs and the recollections of cherished dreams all combine into a portfolio of our great expectations.

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Odenuel (dec) - moving machine 1987

Carmel and Bremervale Tartuffe 1980's

Simeon Sarah 1980's

Simeon Sarah 18 months old
Ashquar Sihr and Greg Egan
Odenuel yearling at the Victorian Classic

Kru Shaa (dec) yearling

Soura Sihr as a foal
Trent Miles - Sangigowski ... paparazzi extraordinaire!
Simeon Stav three years old at the QLD Challenge Show

Stavs Sorsha as a foal

Stavs Krus Sayd (dec)

Our wonderful Arish 'Mindean Lord Arishnakov' (dec)

Precious memories Pearsons Vogue, Sacra & Sashin (all dec)


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