Mitch and Eliza Rowley sharing a joke with Simeon Stav.

The connection between Arabian horses and the people who share their life is legendary and inspiring. For Pearsons View recent times have presented some challenges that have indeed tested the very fibre of our conviction as breeders.
Recently after a particularly difficult week Don arrived home with an inspiring story to share about long time breeder and neighbour Mrs Jill Flack. Although we don’t know this Arabian breeder personally Don listened to her conversation with a radio announcer when she rang the local station on Melbourne Cup day to talk about her relationship with her Pure Arabian stallion Callicrates.
A number of years ago Mrs Flack suffered a stroke and described for the listeners how Callicrates would walk beside her wheelchair nickering encouragement in her ear. When she fell from her chair the stallion allowed her to pull herself back into her wheelchair by his tail. Don said it brought tears to his eyes.
This true story clearly shows the emotions of love, happiness and trust are a very real part of life with Arabian horses. It proves not a moment of time spent enjoying the company of our beloved horses can ever be wasted, it simply strengthens the bond and connects us to experiences that can defy the imagination and exceed our greatest expectations.
With this page we celebrate the fun visits from family, dear friends old and new and that obvious connection we all share from the horses at Pearsons View and their descendants.....

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Pearsons View
Pearsons D'ahira mare by Stavs Kru Sayd from Pearsons Sashin Owned by Myth Haven Arabian Stud

Pearsons View
Pearsons Valeeah mare by Simeon Stav x Pearsons Vogue owned by Cearadale Arabians

Pearsons View
Valley Springs Ezar gelding by Simeon Stav proudly owned by Sherry Fenton Tasmania Congratulations
Pearsons View
Kim Baird, and her lovely Abiebi.
Pearsons View
Saracen by Simeon Stav son Madreya imp New Zealand Bred by Karamea Arabians New Zealand
Pearsons View
Ari colt foal from Stavs Simbel by Simeon Stav Bred by Myth Haven Arabians
Mitch Rowley
Mitch Rowley a budding photographer in the making?
Pearsons View
Carmel and very dear friend Dianne with the best smile in the world... Oh and Siare.
Kuti Aharon of Idan Atiq Arabian Stud, Israel
Kuti Aharon of Idan Atiq Arabian Stud, Israel with Stavs Siare.
Kellie and Mu'nisah Sihr
Kellie and Mu'nisah Sihr by Salaa Sihr from Simeon Sima
Don and Ashquar Sihr
Don and Ashquar Sihr colt by Salaa Sihr imp from Simeon Shaina.
Don and Stavs Sorsha
Don and Stavs Sorsha by Simeon Stav


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