Happy Families
Simeon Smadar and her filly by Simeon Stav plus Don, Kirsty and Nathan at Pearsons View

At Pearsons View the scorching hot summer has finally changed to the enjoyable balmy days of Autumn, the yellow daisies are in bloom and the gum trees have finally shed all the bark from the upper trunk and branches so with each days sunshine a wonderful new, smooth, white surface reflects from the trees.

A continuous stream of visitors have come to view the horses over the past few months but none more enjoyable than the group that came together over Easter, Greg Egan, Trent Miles, Dianne Bell, the ever present Nathan and Kirsty Phillips and Sharon Meyers made the common link of enthusiasm and dedication to the Arabian breed very real. One of the favourite topics expressed was the Arabian under saddle and for those Arabian owners who ride or have ridden Arabian horses nothing can equal an Arabian as a saddle horse. Owners of every age ride PVA horses and use them in many disciplines, pleasure, showjumping, hack ring, dressage and endurance. These horses fulfil the expectations of their proud owners with every jump, every kilometre travelled and every dressage test that maybe scored higher than the last.

It’s a sure statement of pride, to witness horses bred by Pearsons View being useful, successful and beautiful, doing justice to the great expectations of the Arabian horses illustrious heritage.

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Pearsons Shanin
and Kristy
out for a ride

Kristy Kellaway
Pearsons Shanin by
Simeon Stav

Sundari Saki by Simeon Stav with owner Nikki Ward

Yellow daisies and gum tree

Stav (a wild Arab Stallion!!!) and Kimberley Thompson

Al Shama Nefertiri by Simeon Stav
Bred and owned by N & K Phillips

Stav and Kimberley again

Greg Egan and Stavs Sorsha at Easter

Pearsons Statistic
Congratulations C & E Keep
on his purchase


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