First and Second at this years "Miss Pearsons View" contest - the crowns
must have been lost somewhere in the manes...
(From left to right: Stavs Sorsha, Carmel Rowley)

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Triple "Miss Pearsons View" Abiebi held the opening speech

Ashouri by Simeon Stav x Abiebi at the swimsuit contest

Soura Sihr tried to learn a lot for her participation next year

Ehhm, Mr. Don could you please leave the ladies dressing room...

"Mr. Pearsons View 2003" Stavs Kru Sayd waiting with the crown for his new "Miss"

Hurry, the big news must get into tomorrow´s edition...

Mr Magoo, part of the jury

Pearsons Vyshni preparing for the Talent contest. Highest points for her fab "Lord of the Dance" interpretation

A beautiful setting for the end of a day of beauty

Oh... and world peace, thank you:-)))))))

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