…..to the development of a dream and the realization of a life’s journey.


Pearsons View Arabians was established in 1975 when Don and Carmel Rowley, quite simply, fell in love with the Arabian horse. Together they set a goal to connect the beauty of nature with an historic and fascinating breed. Their overwhelming desire to reproduce the desert horse of courage, grace and refinement eventually led them to Egyptian bloodlines.

The everyday life at Pearsons View is shared with nature. At the bird bath in the garden, wallabies can be seen cautiously drinking while every morning the loud raucous songs of the bird life join with the impatient banging of stable doors, and an occasional whinny from the barn. This symphony of nature is easily heard from the house and every day is duplicated within the small world of Pearsons View.

J.D.Rockefeller Snr, once said, "If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success." 

That is exactly how the Pearsons View breeding program is operated, purposely ignoring the concept of fads and fashion, while prudently breeding as if every individual will remain a part of the stud’s vision. A very clear understanding of what lies ahead keep Don and Carmel traveling the endless path that makes up the many facets of the Arabian horse community. If nothing else, the years have taught the courage of personal convictions but most importantly that a breeder should possess a deep, unswerving love of the Arabian horse.

However to really characterize the PVA breeding program, mention must be made of the many people whose lives have intertwined and supported the Pearsons View quest to breed and share truly beautiful Arabian horses. Without these people the journey would have been less rewarding and much less enjoyable. Proudly many of these people have remained synonymous with PVA since the 1970’s and 80’s.

Lyn Stead with her Sundari Stud and the child Dianne Lay-Hewat who nowadays with husband Denis own Byrnlea Park Arabians, have walked the original path and shared the initial passion from virtually PVA’s beginning. Several years later after Pearsons View’s move to Queensland the Waldron family’s Cearadale Arabians purchased a new beginning. In NSW PVA found a kindred spirit in Greg Egan of Myth Haven Arabian Stud, both striving to breed a similar personal ideal.

The achievement of interstate and local breeders who have purchased horses or used the PVA stallions is unquestionable and the results speak for themselves.  All of these people have different goals and each one is successful in their own right. Most of all they have a like mindedness for integrity and loyalty. The deep conviction that a breeding program is never really finished, but simply keeps evolving is a strongly held belief by Don and Carmel. The stud is slowly winding down though the horses themselves remain a testament to all that is beautiful in the world.

Pearsons View has always drawn on the great bloodlines within the breed. Some of the favourites from the past are Hadban Enzahi, Ansata Ibn Halima, Kaisoon, Ghazal and Jamil, showing an obvious preference for a specific type. Horses such as *Sankt Georg RSI, Salaa EI Dine and *Asfour, combine nowadays with the blood of Ibn Moniet El Nefous, Tuhotmos, Ibn Galal, and Morafic to add a variation on the theme. These horses provide not just an historical perspective but a formula which now represents the very soul of Pearsons View.


Over the last fifteen years the straight Egyptian breeding program has taken priority. The classic foundation straight Egyptians, Simeon Stav (Asfour imp Germ x Simeon Safanad), Simeon Shaina (Asfour imp Germ x Simeon Safanad) and Simeon Sima (Asfour imp Germ x Mohema imp Germ) conjure the qualities that personify the standard of the Arabian breed. The stallion *Salaa Sihr (Salaa EI Dine x Ansata Nile Magic) imported from the USA as a yearling has been extremely successful in siring a new generation of fillies. His sons Ashquar Sihr (Simeon Shaina) and Maarhir (x Maardassa imp USA) co owned with Myth Haven Arabian Stud create a heartbeat of hope for future generations. Representing the future generations for Pearsons View is the enchantress, Stavs Sorsha (Simeon Stav x Simeon Shaina) and her half-sister Soura Sihr by *Salaa Sihr. 

This standard, as old as time itself has been continually tested in the thirty plus years Pearsons View has been operating. But Don and Carmel view themselves belonging to a great relay race, passing on from generation to generation the baton of dreams, which connects the romantic past with the tenacity of the present. No one comes last and the only race you win is the careful preservation of the Arabian breed.





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